At Plaza de Zacate

Join us October 12 at Columbus Park and March for Human Rights

Learn about our passionate team, and how you can help! We advocate for Indigenous Identity and Human Rights

Indigenous Dignity Day Human Rights March

We have been advocating for Indigenous Identity and Human Rights for twenty years. We continue with

Texas Indigenous Council advocates for Indigenous Identity and Indigenous Human Rights. A priority is Migratory Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


Business Man do you accept Slavery as a Business that you would invest in ? Many of those Children escaping violence in their region of Central America are Indigenous children, yet that isn't even weighed as having importance in the Anti Immigration policies pursued by the U.S. The O.A.S and Mexico have to cowtow to the dictates of the U.S since it has Military and Financial dominance of the Americas. No Human Being is Illegal. Indigenous Human Right of Migration must be part of the Immigration discussion. Business Man would you invest in Slavery ? Will you invest in Dehumanizing Immigration policies? Is Family Separation and Detention and Encarceration of Children a good Investment opportnity to you ?

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